5 Tips for Saving Money on your Weekly Budget

Now that you have created a satisfactory weekly budget, you need to learn how to stick to your strategy. One sure way to make sure you do not overstretch your budget is by practicing the art of saving money. There are many different ways to save money. You simply need to think about the areas in which you spend the most money every week, and then discover various types of discounts that help you cut down on your weekly expenses.

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Here are five tips that will give you a start in the right direction:

Tip Number One: Stop Indulging your Body with Cigarettes, Beer and Junk Food

You do not really need to smoke cigarettes, drink beer and eat untold amounts of bagged chips. The fact is that you are going to see an immediate improvement in your overall health as soon as you quit participating in these habitual rituals. The extra advantage is that you are going to save an incredible amount of money.

Tip Number Two: Stop Paying an Exorbitant Amount of Money for Your Coffee

You may enjoy visiting your favourite coffee house a few times a week, but if you calculate the amount of money this adds up to on a weekly basis, you are going to learn that the fun you experience may not equal the loss of savings you encounter. Instead, purchase a quality coffee maker and brew your own gourmet coffee at home.

Tip Number Three: Walk and Use Public Transportation Whenever You Have the Opportunity

Experts agree that walking is one of the best things for your health. Walking releases endorphin’s in the brain that help you feel better in every way. Your body and mind benefit from going on long, brisk walks. If you can learn to walk three to five miles at once for several days a week, you are going to achieve an improved state of health while accomplishing the task of saving money on petrol and maintenance costs of your vehicle. If you need to go somewhere that is a long distance from your home, consider the possibility of using public transportation.

Tip Number Four: Take Advantage of Coupons and other Types of Discounts

You should never buy anything, whether it is a box of cereal or a new television, without first checking to see if you can obtain a coupon or a discounted price. Check your local newspaper for coupons and advertisements regarding sales at various types of stores. Additionally, you can find many coupons and markdowns online. Various websites offer free coupons for many different types of products and services, so you need to take advantage of these opportunities.

Tip Number Five: Join a Club and Visit Your Local Community Centre

You can meet new friends and find many interesting activities in which to participate when you join one or two clubs or visit a neighbourhood community centre. Think about joining a free book discussion club that gives you the chance to discuss important ideas of the mind with other intelligent readers. You may even find that you are able to take a free exercise class or play a game of Bridge at a local centre near your home.

About the Author: Damien is one of the leading Accountants in North Sydney, Australia. He says that many people take the time to implement a successful budget but rarely take the next step and find out where they can cut their costs.

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