5 Tips to Train Yourself Into Good Credit Card Behavior

Need money? Plan to take a loan in the nearest future? Borrowing money is a solution if you experience financial problems. But you need to be sure you will be able to pay back in time. If you miss payments or cannot pay off the loan you meet the risk to get into debts or establish bad credit score reputation. So to prevent these problems consider 5 tips to train yourself to a good credit card behavior.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Use social network. Social networking is a part of everyday life. If you share your credit card goals with your friends you will definitely work over fulfilling your commitments to save reputation. If you don’t want to make your financial plans public consider sorting your contacts into groups. You will then be able to share your financial goals status with your closest friends or relatives and get their feedback. You may find their support extremely helpful in order to keep to your payments plan. Moreover announcing financial problems, involving those with easy money can help get support. This doesn’t mean they will pay your debts but they may offer additional work or part-time job to pay off faster.

Set up automatic notifications. Most banks offer sending out reminds about payments to be made or notifications when the card balance drops below a certain limit. So you can use this possibility to your advantage not to miss payments. Another trick you can use is setting up notifications to go to your spouse. This will stimulate you to pay off your credit card balance on time.


Reward yourself for money saving behavior. Think of some bonuses program for yourself. Mark all the days when you succeed in resisting temptation of spending more money than you can afford. Collect these notifications and when you reach say 10 marks treat yourself to something pleasant: new lipstick, cinema or a book. Something that is not too expensive but that is valuable for you. This rewards program will inspire you to stick to your saving money plan. On the opposite you can invent some penalty program if you exceed the budget or miss the payment: no computer games for a week get up at 6 o’clock and walk with the dog, anything that you don’t like doing. You can also arrange with a friend that you fulfill the reward/penalty program conditions.

Set yourself a valuable goal after you pay off the loan. You now have to live a modest life to be able to pay off the loan every month. Think of some positive thing that you will be able to afford after you pay back. For example you can set yourself a goal to go to the gym after you pay off your credit or take design, drawing, chess, guitar or singing classes, have a 1 day travel to some town in your region. Whatever you want to do but have no opportunity at the moment. This will keep you away from spending money in vain.

Have visuals to support you. This tip deals with the previous one. Stick a big and nice image of the gym, guitar or singer to the wall. It will constantly remind what you plan to do next and why you need to live modest life at the moment.

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