7 Ways to Save Money on Home Decor

Time to re-decorate? Whether you’re just tired or your home décor as it is, or you’ve been needing a makeover for years, one of the things that prevents most people from going all out in decorating the homes is the price tag associated with that type of endeavor. However, there are plenty of ways to cut corners and invest in particular items wisely in order to come out ahead financially. Here are some of the top ways to save money on your home re-decoration:

1. Buy slightly used furniture.

The best way to save tons of money on re-decoration costs is to stop buying everything at full price. There are easy ways to buy used furniture for about a third of the initial costs. Check out the classifieds or sites like Craisglist.org to see who is offering up their furniture.

2. Do simple woodwork at home.

Instead of paying for both wholesale and retail mark-ups, you can cut out the middle men entirely by doing your own simple woodwork. Things like coffee tables and shelves are easy to build for beginners. You can ask to borrow a friend’s tool set or back yard and get a couple new pieces made in a day.

3. Paint it yourself.

Whether it’s the living room walls or the kitchen cabinets, hiring painters can definitely make life easier. It’s not, however, the best way to save money. Painting is easy to do on your own, and there’s nothing to guarantee it won’t look just as good as a professional job, as long as you follow proper techniques.

4. Go antiquing.

Never underestimate the things you can find at antique stores or yard sales. Pieces like armoires, paintings, lamps, coffee table books, appliances, chairs and tables can be bought on the cheap. Plus, they are complete originals.

5. Make your own curtains.

Instead of shelling out for ready-made curtains, try finding some expensive fabric on sale and sewing your own drapes. If you already have a sewing machine, it’s only takes few hems. Or, you could even contract the work to a tailor.

6. Use lighting to make an inexpensive impact.

Try using lighting to create an interesting design in your space, rather than blowing your budget on expensive wall treatments or art pieces. Placing lamps in unexpected areas or doing your own wall lighting can go a long toward making a room look chic and cozy at the same time.

7. Splurge where it counts.

Before you figure out where you want to save money, always make sure to first decide the places where you would like to spend it. Maybe you want to invest in a flat screen plasma TV, or maybe you’ve been dying for a new leather couch. Make sure to spend money on the things you don’t want to buy used or can’t make on your own so you can save money in other areas.

About the Author: Kristie Lewis decided she wanted to help others better understand the process and industry by writing about it. Feel free to contact her with your questions, comments or concerns at Kristie.lewis81@gmail.com.

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