Are You Financially Literate?

Many people find finances stressful. Whether working with loans or simply paying bills, this is a major aspect of one’s life. Being financially literate allows a person to carefully manage his money to avoid unnecessary debt and stress.


A mortgage is used when a person uses a home as collateral in order to obtain a loan. This type of loan is typically used to purchase the home that is being used as collateral. When making mortgage payments, a person is expected to pay off the principal, or the original loan amount, as well as pay interest to the company. It is important that the borrower understand how the interest rate and the term of the loan affect his payments and finances. The term of the loan is how long it will take to pay it off. A longer term may create smaller payments, but the total cost will be much more than the principal because of the interest. Understanding how a mortgage functions will help a person avoid loans that are not really affordable.

It is vital for a new homeowner to have house insurance. If there is any damage to the home, this insurance will help pay for repairs as well as help with mortgage payments if there is a disaster. Many lenders prefer or even require the borrower to have house insurance. Finding the cheapest home insurance will prevent unnecessary financial stress.

Credit Cards

Credit cards allow people to have a convenient source of credit. There are consequences to using a credit card without proper planning. The interest rates attached to these cards tend to be higher than those of other credit sources. This makes it important for a person to pay off credit card debt quickly. Charges that are paid before the next payment period do not carry interest. If the person completely pays for his charges every month, he will not have to pay extra interest fees and become seriously indebted. Being informed about the charges and fees of each credit card will allow the consumer to make better financial decisions as well as improve his credit score.

Financial Tips

A major part of being financially literate is understanding every aspect of one’s own finances. Insurance can be used to protect assets as well as income. Using the cheapest insurance available will provide coverage without having fees beyond the family’s budget. Searching for the cheapest home insurance may appear difficult, but it will have plenty of benefits. Regardless of one’s financial situation, having the cheapest insurance is a great way to protect the members of a household. There is no reason for a person to have more expenses than he can reasonably afford.

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