Beware Fake Insurance Scams Which Can Make You Shell Out Huge Bucks

Car insurance is a big financial responsibility and a burden for some households. With the cost of car insurance is rising each year, it often makes you wonder, are you really paying more that what you are required to? Are you being ripped by the insurance companies? Is there some conspiracy behind this?

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Your doubts may not be wrong after all. There are many sassy motorists in the market that indulge in cheap tricks that cost all other drivers dearly. These tricks are the very reason your premiums are being pushed higher. Here are the top 5 scams you should look out for:

The intentional car accident

According to studies there are many tricksters who are willing to damage their own car. They cause accidents on purpose just to claim cash from the insurance company. Isn’t it a really convenient way to get your insurance claim? Simply slam the brakes on a busy street and someone is bound to hit you from behind. In other cases, a dri
ver crashes into your car out of nowhere leaving you puzzled.

In most cases wherein the victim’s car has been hit by you from behind, you will be held responsible by the law for causing the accident. In this case, the argument would be that you were driving too close to the car in front of you which ultimately led to the accident. The fraudster may even take this trick a notch higher by claiming physical injuries like pain in the neck and back. This will allow the fraudster to claim for both – the crash and the injuries sustained thereof. If you are a victim of such a scam, be prepared to shell out more premium.                                                          &nb

Submitting fake medical injuries

If you genuinely do hit a car by mistake, it is always good to take a note of the driver’s license number and count the people that were actually involved in the accident. It could be possible, that the car you crashed into was empty and standing in the parking lot or had just one driver and no passengers. In either case make a note of the people that were injured by you in any way. A fraudster would most likely cook up a fake number of people injured in order to claim a hefty amount from the insurance company.

Escaping the surveillance camera

Places and spaces that are not covered by surveillance cameras are a boon for fraudsters. They simple report hit and
run cases in areas where it is impossible for the insurance company to find surveillance tapes that prove that the event took place. Hence, due to lack of evidence they are given the benefit of doubt!

Taking matters in their own hands

No one really wants to damage their car, right? Why would someone intentionally cause harm to their car? Would the person driving the car be really stupid to do so? Apparently not! There are many fraudsters that would burn their car and drown it in the lake to stage fake accidents and claim insurance.

The fake mechanic

At times, the con artist actually has a team which includes the mechanic and the insurer who work together in order to maximise their profits.

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