Bundling Your Insurance Needs Can Save You Money

In today’s tough economic environment, people are looking for ways to save money. Some ways may require sacrifice, like forsaking your favorite coffee to save a couple of dollars every day. Another way is to have a garage sale, but the thought of getting up early on a weekend holds many of us back. Everyone is looking for the least painful way to save some extra money, and while some ideas will be better than others, one quick and easy way is to look at your insurance policies. Bundling all of your insurance can offer many benefits.

Save Money with Bundling 

Most insurance companies will offer you substantial discounts if you place two or more insurance policies with them. They will reduce your rates on the policies and save you a considerable amount of money just by letting them underwrite the policies that you will have to have anyway.

The bank will make you retain homeowners insurance if you are still paying off a mortgage and carry auto insurance if there is still a car loan. Even without a car loan, most states require you to have a basic auto policy in effect. The reason is simple enough, if you were to cause an accident the insurance will cover the damage to the other car and the medical bills of any one that got injured.

Bundling Saves Time and Energy

Trying to read all the statements that come from different insurance companies can cause a massive headache. Not only will you have to try to decipher several different insurance companies policies and procedures, but you will also have to wade through all the monthly statements. The hassle of sending multiple checks to different companies can cause some insomnia.

Why not just bundle all the different policies with one company and save all the extra hassle? The easiest way to do this is to compare life insurance quotes through a service and then choose the best rate with a company that offers insurance for life, home, auto and more.

An added benefit of having all of your insurance policies bundled with one company is when there is a claim that requires two or more policies. Suppose your car got broken into and your new golf clubs got stolen. You will need to call both your homeowners insurance company and your auto insurance company, because it will be two different claims. By having both policies with one company you save yourself from having to call more than one company.

One Company for All Your Needs

Let’s be honest, dealing with insurance companies can get frustrating and time-consuming. One way to avoid the frustration is by having one agent to talk to about all your needs or claims that arise. The odds of developing a good relationship with one person is better than trying to talk to someone on the phone. An agent can help make sure that you are adequately covered and will be your advocate when needed. A good agent can also help you to decipher all the insurance jargon that comes with your policies.

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