Can Personal Budgeting really Make You Healthy?

Did you know that personal budgeting can help you becoming healthy? Here’s how.

Quite often our spending is uncontrollable when it comes to food: eating out at fancy restaurants, grabbing morning coffee at Starbucks and the likes, etc. If you add up all of those in your expense column, you will be amazed how much you spend on fancy eating.

Did you know that eating out can make you unhealthy? With the high calorie and glucose level of those nice looking and good tasting food, the more you eat out the unhealthier you become. I am a good example on this. I eat out with my family quite often, and check this out: my cholesterol and blood sugar level is becoming real bad. And yes, eating salads in a restaurant won’t make you healthier, either – if the salads taste real good, you can expect a good amount of calorie and sugar in it; fro-yo? Just the same.

Just check out this glycemic index food list. You may discover that those good tasting foods are categorized as High GI – really dangerous for your health.

Now, what personal budgeting has got to do with becoming healthy? Well, it’s logical, really – budgeting your eating out expenses can curb your crave for High GI foods, by limiting your eating out habits. This way you can maintain your health better, while securing extra funds on your budget for investing and rainy days. Add south beach diet phase 1 to that, you can even better your personal finance situation, as being healthy means less visit to doctors – this equals less expenses. It’s plenty of benefits in a go – ‘care to give it a shot?

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