Celebrate That Special Occasion On A Budget

A fantastic party can really put a smile on someone’s face. But with the pesky recession biting at everyone’s heels we have to watch the pennies. If you’re planning a party, never fear, our top tips will make your celebration just as special and memorable as the most expensive blowout bash.

1. Location, Location Location

You don’t have to hire a venue to have a great celebration, there are loads of options for the budget-conscious party planner. A party at home is great for close-knit gatherings, barbeques, intimate dinner parties and a whole lot more. If the weather is fine, why not take a trip to a local park and have a barbeque?

2. Vouchers for Days Out

If you’re not up for a house party and you really want to make the celebration a surprise, why not scour the internet for discount coupons? There are loads of voucher websites that could give you money off fun days out. You might even stumble upon something fun on your doorstep that you never knew existed.

3. Guest List

If you’re working to a tight budget, the guest list can be your best friend – or your worst enemy! A small gathering will mean you won’t have to spend too much on food and drink, but if you ask everyone to bring a bottle, or some party snacks, a large gathering will make sure no-one goes without!

4. Decorations

If you’re having a celebration at home, decorations are really important to make your place look like party central. But, while looking amazing, party supplies can be really pricey. Homemade decorations give a really personal touch and can be done quite cheaply. Simple paper chains, streamers and posters look wonderful teamed with simple, block colour plates and cups. Don’t forget you can always ask some of your guests involved to help decorate.

5. Theme

Themed parties are great for birthdays – and not just for kids parties either! Come up with a fun theme and co-ordinate your home-made decorations to go with it.

6. Costume Parties

Why not put a new twist on the classic costume party, ask all your guests to make their own costumes. You’ll have a room full of cardboard-robots, superheroes with bed sheets tied around their necks, Greeks wearing togas and all sorts, your friends will have great fun coming up with creative ideas and no-one has to spend a penny.

7. Get Friends and Family to Help

Speaking of getting your friends to help, your guest list could hide an unlimited resource of party knowhow. Perhaps you have a friend with a massive music collection – could they DJ or set up a playlist? Is one of your friends a domestic god/goddess? Maybe they could come up with some great cocktails or even make the cake. If you’re celebrating a landmark birthday, anniversary or wedding, perhaps you could get together with the guests and come up with a ‘this is your life’ book full of photos and memories from their life.

8. Music

Hiring a DJ is great for when you haven’t got time to come up with a playlist. But they’re really quite pricey. Why not make a playlist on your MP3 player, and shuffle the songs throughout the party. If you really don’t have the time, why not rope in one of your guests? They’ll feel special as they have something important to do, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

9. Intimate Dinner Party

If your celebration calls for a small group of close friends, why not have a ‘Come Dine With Me’ style dinner party. About a week before the day, assign a starter, main course or desert to each guest and ask them to arrive with their dish and a bottle of wine. You could even give each course a score out of 10 and award a special prize to the winner.

10. Online Invitations

Everyone’s on the web now, so forget about sending invites in the post. Paper invitations can cost a fortune, not to mention the postage costs! Use some designing software on your computer to make a really awesome invitation and email it out. Alternatively, you can use facebook to make an event and invite all your friends.

11. Crafty Party for Kids

Kids parties can quickly make your budget spiral out of control, especially since at the end of the party, everyone expects a party bag. Instead of wasting money on little thigs to put in each bag, why not incorporate a crafty activity into the party. Essentially, the guests will make their own goodies and everyone will be happy (your wallet included)

12. Whip up your own Cake

It’s true, you can’t have a celebration without cake but delicious, cakey goodness doesn’t have to be ordered from the bakery. You can seriously cut the costs by making it yourself. You can find loads of recipes online, and even if it goes completely wrong, it doesn’t matter because you took the time to do it yourself – the personal touch goes a long way.

There’s no need to break the bank to celebrate a special occasion so follow our tips and you’ll put on a truly memorable celebration that’s even better and more memorable than a big-style blowout. It doesn’t matter whether you’re marking a birthday, anniversary, kids party or simply celebrating for the sake of it, make it a good one and above all, have fun!

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