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If you are in need of a new insurance company, please consider all of your options. With so many choices out there for you to browse, there’s no need for you to rush and end up hating your decision. You can often tell just by how you feel about a certain insurance company whether or not you will like their service. Each company has been given hundreds of reviews over the years, and it is their client base that really attracts other people, not their advertisements. There’s nothing better than word of mouth advertising, so here’s what people have to say about five popular insurance companies.

1. Amica Mutual. Whether it’s their great prices, stellar customer service, or broad ranges of discounts, Amica passes the customer satisfaction test with flying colors. You will likely not speaking to more than one person out of every one hundred who has Amica insurance that dislikes it. They don’t have as many clients as some other companies, but they take great care of the ones they do have, and that’s why they continue to grow.

2. Erie Insurance. What they lack in customer service, they make up for with great prices. They offer some of the most customer-oriented discounts out of any insurance company. Even though you may not get the friendliest voice on the phone or in person when contacting them, they make up for it by offering some of the best prices and discounts around.

3. Auto-Owners Insurance. This is a company that is experiencing a lot of growth lately, as they are now making their coverage more modern. They offer flexible coverage options in addition to above-average customer service representatives. They have been known to go the extra mile to keep their clients happy, and they will give you each and every discount that you are qualified to receive.

4. Shelter. They are a rather new company that not many people know about yet, but it won’t be long until they get national recognition. They are a lot like the third company on this list, and you’ll have nothing but great experiences with them as well. They often will overlook first-time accidents, as long as you drive safely in general.

5. State Farm. They have the most insurance clients out of all of these companies. Once customers go with State Farm, they rarely switch. That’s because State Farm is one that they have heard of a lot on television, but they also are treated well once they get the insurance. They are offered a lot of discounts, including the very famous Discount Double Check, inspired by Green Bay Packers Quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

Whether you want to go the safe route with Amico or take a Discount Double Check, the timing has never been better to search for a new insurance company. There are some many quality options out there that it’s hard not to find a good one these days. The five companies listed here will suit your needs for the best prices.

About the Author: Marcie McDonald is an insurance consultant who writes for She recommends that you check online to compare car insurance and also to see if you qualify for the cheapest car insurance rates before making your choice.

Image: Totsie 14 / Flickr

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