Cut Caffeine Costs: How Much Are You Spending On Coffee?

How much do you spend on coffee every week? Every month? Every year? For the coffee lovers out there, it simply does not bear thinking about. Unfortunately, it needs thinking about if you want to work to a budget and not massively overspend.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Say you spend your pocket change on a latte every morning on the way to work (as a conservative estimate) you would be horrified to see that amount add up in your annual total. On average, people work 252 days per year, so just multiply the cost of your average morning coffee by that number … then try not to wince! If you are having more than one coffee a day – as is likely – then the numbers become truly eye-watering. While many of us need our daily fix of caffeine in order to fully function in the morning, it does not need to have such a detrimental effect on our wallet. Investing in your own coffee machine to make your daily cups of java.

If there are other coffee fiends in your workplace, the total spent in coffee shops could start to become absolutely extortionate! When you consider the costs of each team member combined, it simply makes sense to pool together your resources and invest in your own espresso machine for the office.

Espresso For All!

Even if you have to purchase the machine on your own, you can still see the savings almost immediately – depending on how much you drank previously and what model of machine you went for. Good espresso machines are now extremely affordable, meaning that when multiple people join up to purchase a unit, they need not cost very much at all. It could be worth checking whether a new device for the kitchen could even be counted as an expense to claim back at a later date!

Consult your superior before purchasing your own machine, as there may be health and safety considerations that must be ticked off, depending on where you work and whether it is acceptable to keep your machine on company premises. If you can’t keep the coffee machine in your kitchen or break area, the idea will be ruined before it has truly begun!

Treat Yourself To Your Dream Coffee

The level at which you wish to take your new coffee making experience to is completely up to you! Some espresso machines are available with their own steam vents for frothing milk, meaning that lattes and cappuccinos are available on demand – although this would obviously take a little more time than a simple americano! There are online videos to assist in improving your technique, with the experience not only being beneficial, but also fun!

Take it in turns to prepare the drinks and you will soon find yourselves becoming expert baristas … even if those first few times frothing the milk might seem a tad tricky! These coffee rounds can eliminate multiple trips to and from the canteen or kitchen for your team as a unit, allowing the majority of the office to continue working until their milky caffeine beverage eventually makes its way direct to the desk.

About the Author:The following is a guest post provided by Jimmy Horne. Jimmy works in accountancy in Preston and is always on the lookout for moneysaving tips for his friends and family.

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