Do You Qualify for Help Paying Your Rent?

Since the recession, homelessness problems have worsened in the United States. When people are put in stressful situations, they often get sick and cannot work. The bills mount because jobs that pay well will not hire people that do not have a stable address or a good credit rating. Homelessness can put people in a difficult situation. If you find yourself having trouble with paying the rent, there is often help available.

HUD Rental Assistance

In 2009, President Obama implemented the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This Act designated $1.5 billion for the Homelessness Prevention Fund. The Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) is administered through HUD and provides financial options for United States citizens. Other organizations also provide rental assistance to people in need.

The Housing and Urban Development program not only provides home buying assistance, but it can provide help for people that rent. Nearly, 1.5 million renters receive help from this program to assist with rent payment. HUD offers a Rental Voucher Program to aid in this effort. The organization may also help with rental deposits and long-term assistance for people that are trying to get back on their feet.

Eviction Prevention Program (EPP). The EPP federal program is provided through state and city funds to prevent eviction and help families remain in their homes with short-term assistance.

Emergency Assistance Programs

Many states have their own emergency assistance programs to help people that are in need. The Red Cross offers a voucher program for people to find temporary housing after a disaster. The voucher program may also apply to other situations as well.

Miami, Texas and Massachusetts also have several voucher programs to assist with rental costs temporarily. They may not cover the full cost of the rental, but they will pay the affordable housing rate to help. In Miami, residents may contact the Department of Community Development, the M-DC Housing Agency, the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust or countless other resources for assistance.

Georgia’s Choice Voucher Program will provide rental vouchers to pay a percentage of the total rent amount. The application may be completed online or those in need may call the organization for more information.

To find rental assistance programs in your state, perform an internet search that includes the name of your state and the phrase, “Homeless Prevention Fund.”

Church and Other Organizations

Churches and other organizations will provide rental assistance to people in need. Contact local churches in the community for assistance if necessary. Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Legal Aid Society and United Way can assist with rent or utilities if necessary.

If you are one of millions suffering, you no longer have to suffer in silence. Contact one of these local agencies for assistance and help paying your rent. is a site dedicated to helping people find affordable apartments across the United States.

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