Frugal Living and High Thinking

Everybody knows the basic needs for surviving is food, clothing, and shelter but how to get these things? Obviously, we can have these basics needs only when we have money. The most important thing today in life is money. We work hard for giving a better life to our loved ones and it can happen only with money. Without money, survival is not possible.

When people have money and do not wish to spend it, they are called misers, but when you have money and you spend it only on things that are necessary, then it is called frugal living. In other words, it can be called as smart spending.

We study hard, then graduate, then find a job and work rigorously just to get a good salary. So why not keep a tab on expenses! Mostly people misunderstand frugality with miserliness, but sensible ones will never. They will understand both the differences and the importance of savings in life.

In this modern generation, people who are working with all the possible efforts, sustaining in the world of cutthroat competition, actually understands the meaning and value of money. Such people will obviously think ten times to spend money on anything that is for waste. So there should not be any hesitation accepting frugal living.

Frugal living is nothing but a talent, a creativity to sustain with minimum budgeting. Something that our grannies use to do, something that which our mother is still practicing, so what is wrong into it? To be honest it is a king of managing money.

Money management is very important and should be taught to our kids from a very tender age. So that while growing they understand the importance of things where they need to spend money and this habit will help them throughout their life.

However, this is not practiced in today’s world. When an individual is young, they do not understand why to study and this is the reason the younger generations these days are lacking behind. They survive on their pocket money keeping their studies secondary and enjoyment on priority with which they face problems after entering a family life.

We should train our kids to be successful along with money management. It is said, Satan resides in the house where there is no limits on expenditures. Keeping track of expenses will help you saving and enhancing your business or property. This will add largely for the betterment of your kids itself.

When you earn money with all the effort then why to waste it on things, which are useless? Don’t we need to save money for future? What if we do not have money and an urgent need arises? These are some questions, which prove frugal living as an advantage. But if we earn money for our better life, why not spend it for our happiness, this question contradicts the positivity of frugal living.

So there is nothing to be ashamed of frugal living and one who thinks it as miserliness, why not teach them too.

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