How Can You Make Easy payments On A Gap Card

Paying credit card bills on time is a good way to keep your credit history good, which comes in handy if you want to apply for loans or buy things on credit. In present times, there should be no excuse for non payment or partial payment of your credit card bills. This is because almost every credit card company offers its customers various different ways through which they can make payments once they receive their credit card bills. Late payments or partial payments not only affect your credit history, but also let companies charge a high interest rate. Some credit card companies charge very high interest rates for even one late or partial payment. A Gap card gives you a lot of different options to pay your bills. You can easily pay Gap credit card bills through phone, mail or online.

How To Pay Gap Credit Card Bills

1) Payment through Mail

  • You can easily write a cheque or money order to make a Gap payment. Just make sure that you at least pay the minimum amount that has been mentioned on your credit card statement.
  • An envelope will be enclosed with your credit card statement. You simply have to insert the cheque or money order in that envelope and send it to the address that has been mentioned in your credit card statement.

2) Payment through Phone

  • You can easily pay a Gap credit card bill through your phone. You just have to call the customer care number. An automated voice recognition system will guide you through various steps. Select Make A Payment from this system.
  • You will be prompted to give your instructions to the automated system. Give your appropriate details as mentioned on your credit card. You will also need to enter your bank account and routing numbers of the bank from which you are making the payment. You will be given a confirmation number. Note it down for future reference.

3) Online Payment

  • You can easily make a payment for your Gap credit card by visiting the company’s website. You will see an option named Gap Credit Cards. This option is usually at the bottom of the page on the official website. Scroll down and select this option. You will see Have A Card icon. Click on this icon to proceed by signing into your account. In case you do not have an account, you can easily create one in a matter of a few minutes. You will have to enter a username and setup a password in order to create your account. Refresh the page and sign into your account.
  • Once you sign into your account successfully, you will see an option named Pay Bill Online. Click on this options. You will be directed to a page asking your personal and credit card information. You should enter your appropriate details as mentioned on your card. You will also need to enter the bank account and routing numbers of the bank from which you are making your Gap payment. Once you have filed all the information, just click on Submit and your bill is paid.

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