How easy is it to get convicted drivers insurance?

If you are looking for the answer what really it would take to get approved for convicted driver insurance then know for a fact that it would require a certain measure of diligence and patience from your end. If you have a criminal case registered against you, it would be very difficult for you to find cheap driving insurance. There are a lot of reasons for that too. The chief reason behind that is, available records suggest that people convicted with any kind of criminal charges are more prone to road accidents. As such the chances of insurance claims get higher thus triggering insurance carriers to quote higher premiums.

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At times motor insurance companies refuse to cover you even when you are not convicted of driving offences. However, there are others who will be ready to help if the insurance seeker has some other kinds of cases like thefts, assault, but not rash driving, registered against him. However, as already mentioned earlier things are not that easy as it you may find it reading this write up initially. You should be well equipped with effective tactics to eke out lower premiums from motor insurance companies as traditional carriers will demand higher premiums for convicted driver insurance.

Tips to get cheaper convicted driver insurance

The fact that your request for an insurance will be met by demands of higher interest in case you knock a regular lender, you should know that there are specialized insurance companies whose services are aimed at providing the same insurance (here the convict driver insurance) at lower premiums— you can find out about them online. Please seek their help

Finding out about insurance carriers online is a huge boon as it offers you insurance quotes— do avail these quotes and abide by the norms which one needs to follow while spelling out these quotes

Do not settle for an insurance company without consulting the premiums and features offered by multiple companies

You are well aware of the disadvantages that you will face when you will try to avail the benefits of this kind of insurance, but please do not be overwhelmed by this fact. There is no reason to believe that you will have to suffer the whims of the company solely because of these disadvantages. There are a number of ways (some of which are listed above) to bail yourself out of the jeopardy, so be wise enough to make use of these ways

Seek the help of UNLOCK, The National Association of Reformed Offenders, if you are absolutely unable to find the ideal insurance company for yourself. They will provide you with a list of brokers, specializing in this.

Things to do and know while availing this insurance

While offering the quotes for this insurance please make sure that you have clearly stated your offence. Some of the offences are spent depending on your length of sentence. Some minor offences may not be counted as so as they had been committed years ago and vice versa. Please go through these norms while you are considering a motor insurance

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Things which you should follow after taking the insurance

Try to avoid unnecessary driving as it will keep the mileage low and the premiums under control as well

Try to pay off a good amount your excess, which is the amount of insurance claim paid by you— keep the amount decent but not so high that you are not able to cover it even after you make the claim

The black box insurance which enables you to record your driving behaviour will be able to aid you getting a fair deal

Make sure you have a proper garage to keep your car protected and also ensure that it is backed by features like immobilizer and alarm

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