How to Find an Affordable and Excellent Landscaper

A beautiful landscape around a house or apartment complex creates curb appeal and can soften the building to make it look comfortable. Finding an excellent landscaper requires a little work, but ultimately has numerous benefits to the house, garden, lawn and the health of the whole family. By following a few simple guidelines, it is possible to find someone who is affordable and among the best landscapers available.

Create a Budget:

Budgeting is a vital part of determining affordability. Any landscaper who is charging a higher rate is not affordable and is thus not an option. A budget is the maximum spending amount for the landscaper’s services. This amount can relate to the hourly wage or it can set a limit on the maximum total cost of the project at hand, depending on the way landscapers charge in the area.

Determine the Project:

Before hiring a landscaper, narrow the choices by determining what the garden needs. Simply cutting the grass and weeding the garden is an option that does not require any specialized skills. For more complicated projects like putting in a new walkway or creating the garden in the first place, the landscaper needs more skills. Having a set project in mind along with a maximum spending budget makes it easier to narrow the choices to a reasonable number of landscapers.

Make a Plan:

A timeline plan and a basic plan of action is important to get the job done in a reasonable number of hours. This is particularly necessary when looking at an hourly wage or the project has a limited time before it needs completing. When talking to potential landscapers about the project, include the proposed timeline to ensure they know exactly what is expected. If they are not able to comply with the set plan, seek out another landscaper.

Research the Landscapers in the Area:

Different landscapers are able to perform different jobs. In some cases, the state might even require special licenses to complete the project in mind. Take time to research which landscapers are available in the area and the laws regarding licensing before starting any project or hiring the landscaper. Otherwise, the situation might have legal ramifications or complications that occur.

Read the Fine Print:

Like any contract, the landscaper will have fine print in the paperwork. Always read these details because it can include clauses that allow the landscaper to charge extra fees without asking for prior approval. For example, a clause that the service price will increase by 25 percent a year or the landscaper can charge extra for trimming bushes might add up in extra fees that make it unaffordable. Work out the details of any clause or information in the fine print that is not agreeable.

Landscapers are professionals, but finding one who works with personal needs and will not charge too much can seem challenging. Fortunately, having worked out all of the details before hiring and then looking for the right type of landscaper can limit the choices and make it easier to find someone perfect for the job. It might take a little time, but ultimately it is worth searching for the best landscaper at a reasonable price.

Photo credits: Landscaping, summer 2003 by Seth Sawyers/flickr

Author Casey Stevens owns his own landscape business and writes for, a site where you can find new and used trucks for sale – even specialty items such as custom Peterbilt trucks.

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