How to Find Discounts and Save Money on Motorcycle Insurance

Building a bobber is a labor of love but never a cheap project. The last thing you want after putting thousands of dollars into your custom bike is to have to fork over an arm and a leg to insure it, especially if you pay an expert to make the modifications for you.

1937 harley bobber
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Websites like can help you find and compare policies, but there are general ways you can reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

It Pays to Join a Motorcycle Club

If you are not already a member of a club such as the American Motorcyclist Association or Harley Owners Group, sign up. You likely will qualify for discounted insurance rates just by being a member, according to MSN Money.

Increase your Deductible to Save Money

A higher deductible means lower payments. Even increasing your deductible a few hundred may save you up to 30 percent off your policy, according to INS Web. Put a small portion of your savings aside when you can in case you ever need to file a claim and meet your deductible.

It Matters if You Ride Solo

Do you ride solo or is there usually someone on the back of your bobber clutching onto you for dear life? This matters because if you do not carry passengers, there is no reason to pay for guest-passenger liability. This add-on protects you in case someone on the back of your bobber sues you after being injured. Guest passenger liability is expensive. Dump it if you ride alone.

Your Credit Score Affects Your Insurance Cost

A poor credit score causes insurance premiums to go up. Sometimes, bad credit can cost you more in premiums than a speeding ticket, according to INS Web. Conversely, a good credit score can lower your rates.

Review Your Driving Record

Although I am sure this is not hard to believe, the Department of Motor Vehicles is capable of making mistakes. Taking a quick look at your driving record may reveal violations that are not yours. Accidents, tickets and other violations cause your insurance rates to increase. Catching and correcting an error may make your costs go down.

Ask for Discounts

Do you only ride your bobber on the weekends or during good weather? If so, you probably qualify for an infrequent rider discount, also called an occasional or part-time driver discount. You are especially likely to save on insurance if you do not take your bike out during winter months at all. Unfortunately, you are required to have year-round coverage as long as you still owe money on the bike.

Sometimes it is Better Not to File a Claim

Every claim, large or small, makes your insurance go up. Save money by not reporting minor issues. It will probably cost you less over time if you pay for minor repairs out-of-pocket and keep your insurance company out of it. This strategy does not pay when you are looking at major repairs, but that is what insurance is really for — the big stuff.

Sometimes the most obvious answer is the last one that comes to mind. Compare quotes from different companies to make sure you are getting the lowest possible rates. Do not forget to include any additions or enhancements you made to your bobber. Although these extras may actually cost a little more in premiums, you will be grateful if you ever need to file claim, all your custom work is covered.

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