How To Invest In Silver

If you are thinking of investing as a route to creating more wealth in the long term, then silver is a good option. It has some advantages over it’s brother metal gold, in that it is significantly more affordable making it in many ways a less risky choice than other types of investments. Today we are going to go through ways that one can invest in silver. 

silver coin investing
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1.)  Via a broker

In much the same way that one would buy stock and shares or gold, or other precious commodity, so too does silver have a variety of brokers who are best fit to give you good advice on how, when and how much to invest. A good broker will buy and sell silver according to current market rates (just as with stocks and shares) and should be able to deliver you silver coins or bars, or present you with various options on how to own these without necessarily having them on your person.

Types of investment with silver general revolve around different types of coins that are made of varying grades and qualities of silver. If you are buying silver coins, then be aware that whilst these are still a viable investment (in the sense that they are likely to raise in value over time), you will still pay some premium on them because they have been through a manufacturing process to come in coin form. Having said that, coins that are limited editions, collectables or old in age will raise in value just like any other commemorative antique product and can be sold on as collectables after a significantly long period of time, or if they are in high demand.

The other option with silver is to invest in silver bullion which is silver in it’s purest available form. The advantage here is that there has been very little manufacturing to create a silver bar, and so you are paying less per gram of silver than you would if you were buying gold coins. The only issue is that selling it on, getting a good price and converting your silver into some profit will take some expertise and knowledge and this is where your broker is key to success.

If you are going to invest in silver via a broker, then make sure you choose one that is reputable and successful in their area so that you get a good deal. 

2.)  Via a manufacturer

If you have decided on silver, and you have an awareness of what you are looking for, then visiting the manufacturers directly is a good way of turning a profit. This option is particularly good if you want to invest in silver for the purpose of achieving a profit via retail sales.

Countries where silver is produced, such as Thailand for example, can produce large volumes of silver products, which cost a fraction of the price that they do here in the UK. What this means for you is that you can sell Silver in the UK at a much higher cost than you have purchased it abroad. Before doing this however, be aware that there are various shipping, tax, import and export costs which you will need to consider in order to make this option worth your while. 

About the Author: Jason is a financial expert who loves to invest in silver bars and other types of bullion. Helping other people make good investment descisions is his passion.

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