How to Make Extra Money from Your Old and Unused Mobile Phones

Do you want to get extra money without breaking a sweat? I do. I know you do, too. No, it doesn’t involve anything related to stealing, robbing, scamming or blackmailing 🙂 Rather, it does involve something from your forgotten belongings in the attic.

Now where did I put that thing?

Do you know what one of the most important stuff you have right now is? You guess it right: your mobile phone. Just admit it – Today, life and work without mobile phone would be misery, if not a disaster. Most likely than not, you are also ‘required’ to upgrade your mobile phone to allow you to be more effective and efficient in doing your work (and socializing.)

One question I should ask you: How many mobile phones do you have at home? Your answer might be one, but I’m not sure there isn’t more. Aren’t you forgetting something? Have you check your drawer, shed, attic or somewhere else in your house where you stash your unwanted belogings (a.k.a. junks)?

You might find this cluttering your house: your old mobile phone(s.) Many, including me, have their old (and obsolete) mobile phones at home. Why? Because throwing them away is such a waste of money. Moreover, throwing them away to the garbage bin can damage the environment and get you into trouble with the laws (not enforced in all places of the world, though.)

Logically, you would want to sell your mobile phone, instead of keep it or throw it away. You could make extra money from selling your old mobile phones. But how do you sell them, and where?

One solution: sell mobile phone online.

Where to sell your old mobile phones at the best prices?

There are actually several mobile phone recyclers to where you can sell your old mobile phones. Your problem would be on how to know that the money you receive is the best you can get out of your sales. Finding out is not an easy task, and it could very well be time consuming.

This is where mobile phone comparison sites, such as, step up., currently serving the United Kingdom market, allows you to compare and get the best prices for your old mobile phones. You can sell mobile phones on the site easily, following these 4 steps:

  1. Enter the make and model of your mobile phone – e.g. Nokia 6300
  2. You will be presented a list of prices offered by the recyclers, with the best prices listed on top – Naturally, you should sell to the recycler offering the best price.
  3. Upon your selection, you will be given forms to complete and you will receive instructions on how to send your mobile phone via freepost.
  4. Just wait for 1 to 3 days to receive your payment via cheque sent to your address.

How can this site a solution in your personal finance endeavor?

Your personal finance endeavor involves managing your life better, aside of the obvious: financial planning. You should find a way to turn any liabilities (yes, your old mobile phones lying around are liabilities!) into something good, in this case, extra cash. In some part of the world, disposing electronics – including mobile phones – require you to pay a certain amount of money – another strong reason why you should sell your old mobile phones.

Do you want something a bit more creative? If so, you can start by collecting old, unused mobile phones from your colleagues, family and friends. You can also get old mobile phones on a dime in garage sales, if you prefer. You can then send your collected mobile phones to to receive some nice amount of money. A great idea, isn’t it? All you need to do is to make sure that there are recyclers accepting the mobile phones model and make you have, otherwise you pile yourself with ‘junk.’

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  • Sounds like a great way to recycle your mobile phone and help the environment at the same time. It’s helping people to compare these sites and get the best deal. I’ll make a mention about you in my next podcast. Many thanks.

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