I Need Funds – How can I Sell My House Quickly?

Our lives are naturally having the ups and downs; that’s life. Just like most of us, at certain milestones in your life, there will be times that you are having some sort of financial problems; again, that’s life.

People are typically taking loans to solve their financial troubles. But we all know how loans – unmanaged – can drag your personal finance and everything that comes with it. It’s not something I recommend to do (if it’s for raising capital for your business, that’s a different case!) Why? Because when you are not careful, your life will become series of taking loans, paying debts, rinse and repeat.

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If you are a homeowner, you are in luck. Firstly, you have an asset – okay, you need to pay the expenses, but you don’t have to waste your money on rent. Secondly, your house can act as a safety net – when things go awry, you can just sell your house and settle your issues.

Unfortunately, we normally sell our house in a “time-pressing” manner. How so? Well, there are some “common” causes for someone to sell his/her house fast, such as drowned in mortgages, debt (typical!,) having a divorce and need to split the asset; need quick cash for curing illness, relocating to another location in the country or abroad, and many more.

Whichever your situation is, when you are in urgent need of money, you must find a way to sell your house fast. So, how to sell my house quick?

1. Price your property accordingly

You are in a position of “in need of money.” You can’t afford to list your property for sale higher than the market price, not even equal (that’s depending entirely on how urgent you need the money, though…) The idea is to find the right buyers a bit quicker.

2. Make your house looks great

You might be in need of money, but you don’t have to sell your house broken. Redesigning can boost your house price more than you can imagine. If you are not that urgently in need of money, you might want to renovate and rearrange a bit: Repainting does the trick; trim your plants make your garden looks appealing; rearrange your interiors can also work wonder; torn wallpaper? Replace it.

3. Contact a “specialist”

Using brokerage services is highly recommended – but there’s a niche in real estate you might want to consider: Property purchasing companies. Unlike your typical real estate brokerages, property purchasing companies buy your property quickly. All you need is to contact a reputable one and get your property valued quickly by a local representative. You will get offer immediately, typically 75% of the market value of your property.

Good luck in selling your house and solving your financial issues!

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