IPhone Apps To Manage Your Money

The current economy has made managing money more important than it ever has been before. Smart phone technology has continued to increase rapidly to allow for the development of an application for just about anything. Anyone that owns an iPhone and is looking to manage their money is in luck. There are 5 great apps available for the iPhone that are perfect tools to help you manage your money properly.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Gas Buddy

With Gas Buddy, you know you will never overpay for gas again. Gas Buddy uses the GPS system in the iPhone to determine your current location. Once your current location is determined, Gas Buddy then lists the gas stations in the area with the cheapest gas prices. The address of the gas station is also listed, and directions can be received if you do not know where it is. Prices are generally updated daily.

Bloomberg Mobile

If you’re the type to invest, the Bloomberg Mobile app allows you to be able to keep track of all of your investments with one free application. All of the current financial news is constantly updated every time the app is opened. Every stock is easily tracked through the Bloomberg Mobile app, so you will also know how your money is doing.

Shop Savvy

Shop Savvy requires you to use the camera on the iPhone to scan an items barcode. Prices for the product will appear from over 20000 possible retailers. The retailers include both online and physical stores. Shop Savvy allows you to never dramatically over pay for anything. Directions to the store with the cheapest price are also available from your current location, so you can decide whether it’s worth the cost of gas to pick it up in person or if it would be better to order online. That is, if you have the patience to wait for delivery.


The mint.com personal finance application allows you to be able to track all of your bank accounts, and manage your money. All of the bank accounts are automatically updated after a transactions occurs. Mint.com offers alerts to tell you that your account balance is getting low. A budgeting tool is also available on the app, which allows you to plan your spending for the next few weeks. If your spending is going too much over your budget, then the mint.com app will alert you. Unusual spending activity is also reported to alert users of potential identity theft.

PageOnce Personal Assistant

The PageOnce Personal Assistant keeps track of multiple financial accounts including bank, credit card and brokerage accounts. Cell phone minutes, frequent flier miles and online shopping accounts are also managed through the PageOnce Personal Assistant app. Only the PageOnce application lets you manage so many accounts in one free app.

Downloading these applications will cost you no extra money out of your pocket, and will allow you to manage and save as much money that is possible. You will no longer overpay for any product that you are wanting to buy. Easy to follow budgets also allow you to never spend money you do not have. It is necessary to make your money last longer in this economy, and these 5 iPhone apps will allow anyone to do so.

About the Author: Liesl H. is a freelance writer with experience writing about finance, technology and education. Liesl works with the California Institute of Finance at CLU.

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