Is Obamacare Actually Obama-scare?

Obamacare or Obama-scare? It sure seems like people are riled up over the Affordable Care Act, which – although it means to help Americans – has been plagued by rumors, website glitches, and even some legitimate concerns raised by people who worry about how their healthcare might be affected by the new law. Today we’re looking at some of the scariest Obamacare claims in an effort to better understand health care reform in America.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Don’t let these claims worry you! It’s time to set the record straight.

Scare: “My healthcare will cost too much under the Affordable Care Act!”

Fact: Do you see that word “affordable” right there in the act’s name? That’s because Obamacare is a reform that seeks to make healthcare available to all Americans, regardless of income or disability. The health care plans that will be made available on the Marketplace are designed to fit just about any budget, and to help defray the costs that arise when you you’re sick and need
to get better.

Scare: “I’ll have to pay a penalty!”

Fact: Sure, the penalties that families will have to pay if they opt out of seeking insurance are scary: they start next year at $95 per adult in a family and go up from there (and will cost far more in 2015 and 2016). What’s even scarier, though, is not having insurance when you need it to help defray the costs of medical care. It’s a game of Russian Roulette – pay the penalty and risk getting sick without the ability to pay for the ensuing bills. It’s the exact thing Obamacare wants to help avoid!

Scare: “Obamacare is too complex! I don’t know what to do!”

Fact: Obamacare is a complex piece of legislation at more than 900 pages long. But you don’t need to read all those 900 pages to benefit from it. Using the Marketplace (which is expected to be completely sorted out by November 2013), you’ll be able to easily compare medical plans and decide which one is the best for your family.

Scare: “The ACA will change the insurance plan I’m already on!”

Fact: If your plan changes, it will probably be for the better. You might have lower co-pays, and many insurance plans will be required to provide for some “essential benefits” that they didn’t before, such as covering preventive care, pre-natal care, certain prescription drugs, and more.

Scare: “Obamacare won’t provide for all my needs!

FactL If you’re not insured and you’re facing the requirement next year, getting insured is still a far better bet than remaining uninsured. The cost of your plan may even be subsidized by the government depending on your income, so you’ll be able to shop responsibly for a plan that fits your budget and provides for the needs of your family. The new law seeks to make getting insurance as much of a win-win as possible.

Still scared about Obamacare? Check out the infographic below – designed for adults and children alike. Your friends at Ran
kPop developed the piece, which seeks to explain Obamacare simply, and without the complex language many articles written about it might feature!


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