Pre-vacation Financial Checklist that you should not ignore

You have certainly dreamt of enjoying a relaxing holiday in the beaches of Miami, chilling out with a glass of chilled wine. But to translate this thing into reality will take some times and needs a great deal of financial planning unless you do not mind burning a hole into your pocket. It is in my gene to make a checklist before I board on a flight. Ok I know this is the dumbest thing on earth to create a checklist because very few people living on Planet earth will follow it. These checklists contain some obvious things that you know already but in the hustle and bustle, you may forget about them completely. Here I am going to give another dose of some financial checklist that you can only ignore at your own peril. And believe me, there is no such rocket since involved in the process. Some simple and easy to follow things that you can give a try without putting too much pressure on you:

Do Not Forget The rent: Since you are unlikely to pay your old landlady online, you should make sure that you have paid her in cash before you start your journey for stress free life in a far off land. However, even if your landlady may be smart enough to accept payment online, you may find that Internet connect is too slow to make the payment smoothly. So, to avoid last minute hurry, you need to be double sure that you have paid your landlady in advance.

Take Care of Your Wallet: Since you will be travelling abroad, I do not think you will be needing all your credit or debit cards there. So, do not make your wallet heavy with unnecessary things while travelling aboard because the less you carry, the less likely you are to lose it. So, take only those cards that charge the lowest internal fees.
Give Your card Issuer a call: Unless you give a call to your bank’s fraud prevention department that you will be out of the country, you is less likely to work in abroad. Since fraudulent activities are on the rise, banking institutes are taking strict measures to curb them and for that reason, you should make a point that they are informed of your whereabouts before you leave.

Check the Expiry Date of the Card:  I know you are smart enough to remember the credit card number and even the four-digit identifier. That sounds great, but have you ever checked its expiry date?  I hope you did not. But do not worry. This is quite common with traveler. So, make you have checked the expiry date of the card unless you do not mind finding yourself stranded with no money in your pocket. Check the expiry date before you leave your home to avoid such hiccups during a romantic getaway.

Get all the Numbers Noted Down: Do not curse you luck, if you need to block your card in case of it Is stolen. Rather than wasting your time on unnecessary things, you should jump tom action and the get the card block. Holy shit, you do not remember the card number right? Or if you remember it, you do not have the customer care number to get it blocked. So, it makes perfect sense to take down every details of your credit card or debit card and keep it safe. It will save you skins during tough times like this.

Avoid Car Crash: While renting a car abroad, you need to make sure that you are well aware of the nitty-gritty of the car insurance. Your auto policy may or may not cover an accident when you are abroad. So, before you drive like a crazy, you need to think about the repercussion that might befall in case of you face an accident.

Medical Insurance: I know you know how your medical insurance works, but are sure that you will enjoy similar level of protection when travelling abroad. I hope you are not. So, before you take off, you need consult with your insurance agent to have a clear picture unless you do not mind finding yourself in a fix.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he contributes to PHS Hadjizacharias, a professional Cyprus Tax Planning Firm that can help your Company with its International Business.

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  • Very nice checklist!
    Vacations can turn into a real nightmare if something goes wrong at home. One thing that I would add is leaving photocopies of your ID’s and cards with a trusted friend or family member, in case these items disappear and proof needs to be sent to police/airlines/border control…