Republicans Fighting for Positions: Changes on the Horizon

For families that are struggling with their debts the recent elections could bring more issues. The Republicans, as we all know won back house advantage. It also means that some of the proposed changes under the Barrack Obama administration may be in jeopardy. The main question is if these changes were not good in the first place, can the Republican Party bring about something that will be effective? Under Bush we incurred a large deficit which was compounded by invading Iraq, and he truly left a mess with the impending mortgage crisis.

Whatever one’s views of either president, the real matter is whether the new elections have brought in the help we need or if debt will continue to slide out of our control. More people may be looking towards free payday loans to solve their debt issues, especially with the holidays looming ever closer.

The only good news about the holidays being near is what might happen with employment in the retail industry. There may be a way to stay away from the more expensive products on the market for loans if you are willing to work in retail.

The retail industry always sees an increase in employment once Thanksgiving gets closer and people are needed to be trained for the increase of shoppers from Black Friday to Christmas Eve. In fact many of these new retail employees will be able to keep a position for much longer than Christmas Eve, as there is always a need for returns the day after Christmas and up until the New Year. For roughly a month and a half some families may be able to pay their bills on the holiday positions made available.

This extra help might at least put the creditors at bay for a short while, until you can see how the changes with the congress and senate might help or not. The news is telling us already that the party is concentrating more on GOP lawmakers and three key panels of the appropriations, energy, and commerce. It may be that certain things from 1994 will even crop up as the Republican Party tries again to get bills passed. However, for those in debt employment opportunities, keeping jobs in the US and getting out of debt are more important than such things as a new energy source like Joe Barton is looking at.

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