Saving Money for Students

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When you’re a student everything changes. You will have been used up until this point to living at home with your parents and having everything taken care of for you, and you will have been used to going to school and probably working a part time job during the day.

Suddenly as a student though your framework and structure is gone, and by the same token so too is your safety net. No longer do you have someone to pay for everything to you, and you are now required to manage your own time and money. When you have either a very small, or completely absent income, then it can get very hard to afford the things you normally would and it can lead to things coming crashing down.

Which is why students are so famous for living in an unruly manner with their clothes all over the floor and water on their cereal because they can’t afford milk. But it needn’t be this way; not if you’re smart. Here we will look at some of the ways you can save a lot of money as a student to avoid getting into trouble.

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Use Coupons

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Coupon sites give you amazing discounts on all sorts of things, because the companies involved know that this is a very popular and effective way to generate traffic and custom. This then means that you can use coupon sites in order to get money off of your meals out, off of your drinks and off of your text books even. Make sure you visit these sites regularly and you can stand to save a ton of cash.

Ask for Smart Gifts

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When Christmas next comes around, don’t ask for the Lost box set (even though you’ll have plenty of time to watch it), instead spend your gift allowance on text books and on clothes and this way you can cut your daily expenses.

Team Up

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A great way to bond, save time, and save LOTS of money is to team up with the other people in your halls and take it in turns to cook nice meals. This way you will be able to avoid wasting ingredients and you will get a lot of free meals as a result.

Buy Cheap Alternatives

Whatever you’re buying there’s probably a cheaper alternative. For instance if you’re buying food then consider getting Tesco’s value. And if you’re getting clothes then look around shops like charity shops or like outlet stores and you might be able to again save a large amount on them.

Get Things for Free

Cheaper alternatives are for saps, how about getting your things completely for free? There are plenty of ways you can get great items without paying a penny and that applies to clothing, to furniture and more. Sites like Freecycle for instance and even Gumtree are full of items that you can collect free of charge, and meanwhile you can get some perfectly serviceable furniture from the skip too or by asking your friends and family or trading for your services.

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