Ten Ways to Save Money on Fuel

In today’s struggling economy, families around the world are trying to come up with new and creative ways to save money. Fuel costs are one of the many things currently on the rise. Saving money on fuel can significantly help a hard-working family in their endeavors to maximize overall budgeting. Taking proactive steps to decrease the amount of cash spent on fuel is an excellent start. The following are seven useful tips to save money on fuel expenses.

1. Compare Fuel Prices
Comparing fuel prices is the best tactic for cutting down on fuel expenses. You can compare fuel prices in  several ways. One method is to visit at least three of the local fuel stations in your area. Write down the cost per gallon. Another way to compare fuel prices is to either call the establishments on the phone or use an online comparison tool. Not all stations charge the same amount of money per gallon. Use the station that charges the least and you can rack up the savings significantly.

2. Turn off Accessories
Accessories such as heat and air conditioning burn up fuel very quickly. If it is not necessary to run these items, drive to your destinations with them off.

3. Choose the Shortest Route
Before taking a long drive to your destination, check some of the online map sites and try to find the route that takes the least amount of miles. Some destinations have nifty back-roads you can travel and the distance will be cut significantly.

4. Turn the Motor Off
There are some instances when it is just unnecessary to leave a vehicle running. Do not leave the car running in park while you chat with friends. Turn the vehicle off to avoid losing unnecessary fuel.

5. Drive an Economy Vehicle
The vehicle you choose to drive can make a huge difference for money you spend on fuel. Smaller cars (with smaller engines) use less fuel. Try to purchase a used four-cylinder vehicle. Driving an economy car can get you approximately ten extra miles per gallon.

6. Maintain Proper Maintenance
Another reason that cars burn more fuel is lack of proper maintenance. Make sure you take your vehicle in for regular tune-ups. You can find the recommended tune-up time intervals in your instruction manual.

7. Walk
Walking is an excellent source of exercise. If your destination is not far away, you can save quite a bit of money on taking a nice walk. Short trips burn more gas than long trips, so you would be doing yourself a service by walking to close locations such as the corner store.

8. Ride a Bicycle
If your intended trip is only a few miles, you can save money by riding a bicycle. There is no fuel cost to ride a bike, and you will strengthen your cardiovascular system and your legs. Bikes are great for trips that are less than three miles.

9. Carpool
Riding with other individuals to work can also help you to save money on fuel. The more people involved, the more money you will save. The driver will require less money if there are more parties involved. You could also start the carpool yourself to save on fuel. If you get enough people to go in on it with you, you may not have to spend a penny on fuel.

10. Use Gas Rebate Cards
Some debit and credit cards offer customers cash back on gas. Using one of these cards will guarantee savings.

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