The Social Savvy Frugal Man’s Guide To Saving on Twitter

The past two years has seen Twitter grow from a site for enthusiastic early adopters into the ultimate office hours procrastination tool – Isn’t it time you got something back for all that time you put in? Twitter offers plenty of ways for the savvy shopper to save money – Below are some of the ways you can save.

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Twitter Exclusive Coupons & Deals

The original and simplest way to save money using twitter – Go to the search bar on, type in #Coupon, #Deals or even #Deal and bask in the savings. Depending on what you want, you can also follow certain companies, Dell received a lot of publicity back in 2009 when they launched @DellOutletUK to sell cheap computers, and good deals can still be found there today.

Follow the right people on twitter and you could be getting regular money off vouchers for the things you want. Feeds like @Groupon and @Wowcher are good places to start, offering a range of discounts for followers.

Follow The Big Savers

Saving is hard. Joining the personal finance community on Twitter could help keep the temptation to splurge at bay, while providing you with regular tips and tricks to help you stay frugal in the face of rising costs.

Following these users is a definite step in the right direction for people serious about savings – being on the fringes of the saving community could give you ready sources of advice about your own cash dilemmas, while the blog posts and advice posted by those you follow should provide ready sources of inspiration in the fight against debt. Try starting with: @MartinSLewis @Fair_Investment or @moneyexpertuk

Find Local Deals

Living in the big city? There are plenty of Twitter feeds for people looking to take their savings into the real world, Londoners are particularly well served with twitter feeds like @SkintLondon , @GrouponLondon and @Londondeals being just three of the feeds offering discounts.

Take a look at what’s on offer for your city, Brighton has @GrouponBrighton while Birmingham has deals provided by @Brumdeals – Local twitter feeds are numerous, and a great way to save money., 

Get Customer Service, Fast

With Twitter becoming so popular, every company worth spending with has representatives reachable directly through Twitter, and smart users are using this to great effect. This isn’t so much about saving money as making sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

English companies like @VirginMedia and @O2 have staff manning their twitter feed during office hours, and most companies are following the trend – complaining has never been easier. Rather than waiting on hold, fire off a quick tweet detailing your problem, and the company will usually get back to you relatively quickly. This can be taken further and used to grill companies before you sign up for costly services.

Resist Temptation

There’s a flipside to all of this tips – Getting the latest in money saving tips directly can make it difficult to resist splashing out on “bargains” or money off deals you don’t really need. 75% off a new pair of shoes might be an excellent price, but if they’ll just sit unworn in the wardrobe, maybe the money would be better spent elsewhere.

If the coupons aren’t time sensitive, take a bit of time to think on new purchases – sometimes all it takes is a bit of time to realise that “essential” purchase would just gather dust in a cupboard. Saving money isn’t necessarily about spending less, but spending your money smarter, so try to think a bit more about what you need, and what you just really, really want.

What Now?

Hopefully these pieces have given you something to think about the next time you sit down to tweet, using this free service to your advantage could save you plenty in the long run!

About the Author: Geoffery is a money saving expert.  Passionate about fixed rate bonds and high interest savings accounts to find out more visit today! 

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