Tips on Getting the Best Deal for Major Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances don’t come cheap. They’re major investments, so impulse buying is a very bad idea. You want to make sure you get the best deal on the kitchen appliances you want, so here are some tips to make sure you don’t spend too much.

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Do Your Research

It’s never a good idea to go shopping for major appliances blind. Before you go into a store, do some thorough research on the type of appliance you’re looking for. Find out what different kinds exist and what features they can have. Know something about how the appliances operate so you can determine what’s best for you and your kitchen. Don’t be clueless when you go to the store, or you’ll end up paying too much for something you don’t like.Comparison Shop

Comparison shopping online is also necessary. If you have a particular brand and model in mind, find out how much it costs at different retailers and online retailers. Be sure to factor in other costs, like shipping or installation, because those charges can vary wildly depending on where you purchase. If you haven’t decided by the time you go to the store, don’t purchase until you’ve gone home to compare prices.

Shop In-Store

There are lots of websites where you can buy appliances online, but for major kitchen appliances like 18 10 stainless steel flatware for example, you need to go into a store. Choosing an appliance you’ve never seen or touched in person is a bad idea, and returning a major appliance isn’t as easy as returning a shirt that doesn’t fit. In the store you’ll be able to thoroughly check out appliances, opening and closing them or testing out different features.


Just because you shop in-store doesn’t mean you have to pay in-store prices. Armed with your information from comparison shopping, you can haggle with a salesperson and challenge them to match or beat the lowest price you found for the exact same appliance online. Frequently salespeople will lower the price at least a little if you pursue it. If they won’t budge on the price, haggle in other ways, such as asking them to drop installation fees or include a free extended warranty.

Skip the Extended Warranty

Unless they do include that extended warranty for free, don’t purchase it. Extended warranties can cost a lot, and they’re usually not needed. A manufacturer’s warranty is generally enough to cover any problems you might have with your appliance over time. If something breaks after the warranty is up, you can still ask the manufacturer for a repair or replacement, and oftentimes they will agree to do it.

Stick to What You Need

Kitchen appliances come with all sorts of fancy, high-tech extras and additions, but you’ll pay a steeper price for them. While extras can be appealing, don’t purchase the ones you don’t need. Oftentimes you’ll never end up using them anyway. Stick to the basics you need and know you’ll used based on your personal habits in the kitchen and while cooking.

About the Author: Gareth Shaw is a professional cook and appliance expert who knows how to haggle and get great deals on kitchen appliances. He recently wrote an article about transitional kitchen design and the hottest new remodeling trends.

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