Top Financial Calculator Apps of 2012

A calculator for every occasion and every purchase!

For the less math-inclined types like myself, I need a calculator app for almost everything to do with money. I require my automatic number-crunching friend to tell me how much of a tip I should leave. I need a math tool to help me plan out my monthly budget to ensure my mortgage gets paid. And I certainly need a calculator when I’m budgeting for travel—or I might find myself panhandling in France (as romantic as it sounds it’s not for me). I even take a calculator with me whenever I go shopping, which helps me stay on track financially. There are so many one-off situations where I require a calculator that I have multiple styles and types downloaded on my iPhone.

As a person with a certain passion for calculator apps, I’d like to share my top picks for financial calculator apps for 2012 for iPhones and Android devices:

1. CalcMoolator Pro (Free – for iPhone)

CalcMoolator Pro is a heifer of a tool when it comes to financial calculations! It literally features a calculator for everything—including auto leases and loan payoffs, home equity and mortgage affordability, salary and hourly wage, and tip and tax calculators. This version of the CalcMoolator Pro app is free. However, users can access an expanded list of calculators for a fairly nominal price. It’s true! I’m adding to my smart phone calculator collection right now!

2. Tip Calculator (Free – for Android)

Whenever I’m enjoying a meal at a restaurant and the check comes, I always stress a little bit over how much to leave for a tip. But with a tool like the Tip Calculator app, I don’t have to worry about ruining my steak with math. I simply whip out my calculator app and do a quick calculation so I don’t embarrass ourselves in front of work clients or friends. The Tip Calculator app lets you simply type in the tip percentage you want to leave, of if you’re splitting the bill the number of people and the total bill to figure out how much each person owes.

3. Exchange Rates (Free – for Android)

I love to travel, but I get confused when it comes to currency exchange rates. Take the confusion out of calculating currency conversions with the Exchange Rates app. This app protects the math-ignorant (like me) and their money, ensuring you receive the correct competitive rate on all currency exchanges around the world. The app features a standard currency calculator with option for every currency worldwide.

4. Mortgage Calculator (Free – for Android)

Buying a house is the most important purchase you’ll probably make in your entire life—and the most expensive. It’s nice to have an app on your side like the Mortgage Calculator. This app will give you accurate numbers every time and give you a big picture of the costs of buying a house. Take it with you on your house hunt to get a realistic idea of if you can afford certain property. The Mortgage Calculator app will give you a monthly payment total, bi-monthly total (if you choose an accelerated mortgage) yearly amortization amount, first-time home buyer fees, and more—so you’ll know if you can really afford the home of your dreams and when you’ll pay it off!

About the Author: Jane Johnson is a writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone related news, commentary, reviews on T-Mobile used cell phones and phone plans.

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  • I love financial apps! Usually, I just use the standard calculator app on my iPod touch, but there are some ones out there that are more specific as you’ve pointed out. Thanks for your post!