Top Things to do for Free

If you are struggling with debt or having difficulties paying your rent, then it’s time to go into ‘crisis’ mode and reduce your spending wherever possible. Sometimes simply finding ways to reduce your monthly costs can be enough to make a big difference to your balance and make life suddenly feel a lot easier.

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And the most obvious place to make these cuts? Of course it’s in your leisure activities and hobbies. While things like your heating and electricity and obviously rent are non-negotiable to an extent, your hobbies and fun activities are much more superfluous and are non-essential meaning that you can cut them down a great deal.

Only you don’t want life to become suddenly bland and boring – otherwise you’re just surviving rather than living. Instead then, it’s time to look at other things you can do that won’t cost you anything but that will nevertheless be just as interesting, fun and engaging. Here we will look at some experiences, hobbies and activities you can take up or use to pass the time that won’t cost you anything. Write down a few that appeal to you, and you should find you’re less inclined to spend lots of money on ‘stuff’ in future.

Looking Around Museums

Most of us presume that a day out is likely to be expensive, but in fact there are many things you can do completely for free. One of these is to visit a free museum which can be a fascinating experience and a great learning opportunity too.

Going Traversing

Follow the Princess

If you’re looking for something a bit more action packed then you might like the idea of going climbing. Unfortunately this isn’t free as you’ll need a lot of equipment and the help of a trained expert. Instead then, consider going traversing which means climbing horizontally along a rock face. You don’t need any equipment, there’s no risk, but it’s just as challenging and exciting.

Going Swimming


Likewise you can also go swimming for free if you have a sea or a lake near you. Swimming can be a great way to burn calories, but also quite action packed if it’s choppy out.

Read Old Books


If you’re thinking of buying a new book to read then stop – don’t you have some on your shelf you haven’t read yet? Make a list of the books you’ve yet to give a proper chance, and then work through these in order to pass the time without spending any more money. Alternatively if you have a Kindle (or the free Kindle App on Windows 8, Android or iOS) then you can download free classics to read.

Play Free Games

Angry Ornithologist

The indie game community is a great place to find free computer games that are often more creative and unique than the mainstream stuff you find in shops. Games like ‘Cave Story’ and the free to play options on Steam can keep you entertained for hours, as can many free Android and iPhone apps.

Create Family Games

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Or if you prefer the other type of game, then why not create your own board games? Things like Pictionary can be enjoyed completely for free and are great fun for the whole family.

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