What To Do In the Event of Losing Your Wallet

Losing really important things happens to the best of us, and it’s always during the most inconvenient times. Whether you lost your keys, smartphone, or wallet, it can be heart wrenching trying to trace your steps back to where you left it. In the event you lost your wallet, you need to take the necessary steps to prevent any further financial damage, and potential identity theft.

losing wallet
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Don’t Panic

Your first instinct may be for you to panic immediately, but you need to keep calm. Try to get your heard on straight and think about the events that happened within the last few hours. Find out for sure if your wallet is lost or stolen, or only misplaced in your room. It’s just as frustrating and time consuming to dig for a lost wallet in your house, but at least you know it’s in your house. If you have confirmed it is actually lost, you still remain calm, but continue following the steps below.

Cancel Your Credit Cards and Debit Cards

The first thing you should do is cancel all of the credit cards you believe were in the wallet. All of the major credit cards’ hotlines are listed on Google. This will prevent anyone from trying to use it. Some credit card companies and banks will charge you a small fee to send you new cards, although you should be more worried about someone trying to charge hundreds of dollars on your credit cards rather than a small $5 fee.

Report It To the Cops

Although the chances of getting your wallet back are very slim, there still is a chance you may get it back. By reporting your lost or stolen wallet to the cops can waive fees for ordering a new drivers license, and for some credit and debit cards. Reporting this to the cops leaves a record of your actions, especially if someone was trying to steal your identity. Keep a copy of report for your records.

Accept It and Move On

It’s hard to accept you lost you wallet, but you cannot let the event eat away at you. As long as you know your identity is safe and so are your credit cards, you should be able to sleep at night. If you notice anything weird happening to your bank and credit card statements, call the companies immediately. Learn from the experience and be more cautious about your belongings.

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