Why Tortoises Should Run Banks: Slow Ways To Get Happy Fast

When it comes to saving money and feeling good, slow and steady is the way to go.  Many people turn to new payday lenders when going through a sticky patch; there are other techniques which can both help you get through the month and cheer you up.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

Ready, Steady, Cook

Similar to going on a new fitness or diet regime, getting money management in order takes a bit of time.  A few simple techniques can result in a good feeling, indeed saving a few pence does not mean you have to live off beans on toast and give up having a social life.  Try to see saving money as an opportunity to gain a new skill.  All of us are guilty of forgetting to make a sandwich before we leave the house and subsequently, over the week we fritter cash away on bought lunches.  Over the course of a month, this all adds up and can easily equate to hundreds of pounds of lost money.  Whipping up a tasty treat the night before not only saves money but offers the opportunity to see how good you are in the kitchen.  After all, if you are making the sandwich, chances are you will not be disappointed with limp bread and stale fillings, as is often the case with shop bought products.  If shopping is a vice, there are also ways to save some cash.  Vouchers are always there for the taking and there is nothing wrong with doing a bit of sale shopping, snatching up a bargain for next season well in advance.

Everybody Say Cheese

However, it is not just money and the need to turn to new payday lenders that can get us feeling a bit down.  If you are fully in control of your spending but have trouble focusing on the good things, then there are a few handy tricks and tips on hand to help.  Most of us spend our time focusing on regrets we have relating to past events, or things we are worried about in the future.  By taking time out to simply focus on the present, it can relax us and allow our brains to switch off for a couple of minutes.  This well-deserved rest is rejuvenating, offering much needed motivation and concentration to tackle the day ahead effectively.  It can be a bit of a challenge, but sustain this mode of positive thinking if possible.  Instead of wishing for things that are not in your life at the moment, focus on the good stuff.  There is bound to something great to focus on if you stop and think, putting a great big smile on your face.

To Do, or Not to Do

Whilst this is all well and good, sometimes it is hard to switch off when worrying about issues such as relationships, health and economic problems that can lead to the consultation of new payday lenders.  One way to fully rest your mind is to write down your to-do list for tomorrow at the end of the working day.  By writing your thoughts down on paper, it means you will not spend all night worrying about them and can have a relaxing evening, knowing what you have to do tomorrow is all sorted.  Finally, simply walking around can have a massive impact on our happiness levels.  Around 85% of our week is spent sitting down, whether at work, watching television, eating, or commuting.  Taking five minutes for a stroll, or picking up a new active hobby, can relax your mind faster than the biggest stress ball.  Taking these small but steady steps leads to an energised day, with no doubt a delicious lunch to look forward to.

About the Author: Sarah Fox is a blogger who believes that everyone at some point in their life has considered asking for help from new payday lenders to help you get through the month. For advice on other ways to get through the month, follow her on Google Plus.

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