Why We Love Hiring Virtual Assistants for Personal Financial Planning (And You Should, Too!)

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is very liberating, especially when you are embark in a journey for a better personal financial planning. They don’t cost near as much as a typical financial planner or bookkeeper, and once trained, require far less management.

Use a reputable VA service like 24/7 Virtual Assistant to hire a qualified personal assistant by the hour. She can help you with your budgeting, as well as reminding you to stick to it. She can also help you in becoming more accountable with your financial planning. They do all the legwork for you and will always have a suitable replacement at the ready if problems arise!

Virtual assistant
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A good Virtual Assistant or virtual team frees up your life so you can focus on the big stuff only.

They make us more accountable…

Whether you are running a business or a family, the endless to-do list just keeps stretching further and further and it becomes easy to start crossing things off before they’re done – then crossing your fingers that the decision won’t come back to haunt you! Not only can a VA help with task completion, you can have them send you daily reminders of the most important things YOU need to get done so meetings, your kid’s drama performance, and so on don’t slip through the cracks!

They make the impossible possible

Having a too-hectic day that saps the energy out of your life? The budget’s tight and you have other things to do, no time to mess around sourcing the different connecting flights, hotels and other arrangements that need to be taken care of. Your kid’s teacher calls you to let you know that your kid is sick, but you need to do 1000’s of other things that you have carefully plan for today. No worries. Simply tell your VA the problems that you have and let them work on the details while you continue to get your daily work done. When it comes to crunch time, your VA can take the stress out of nearly every seemingly impossible task.

They keep us on schedule

Deadlines are super important for both personal life and business life. Business-wise, there are websites need to be maintained, social accounts updated, phone calls and emails need to be answered in a timely manner, product shipments need to go out on time, promotional email blasts need to be completed and managed, the split testing of your affiliate pages need to be monitored, catalogues need to be mailed during the appropriate sales season – etc. Personal-wise, there are bills to pay, social events to attend, budget to stick to, investing plan to execute. No one person or even small team can do all of this. VA’s are more affordable than office staff, allowing you to hire several of them to complete multiple tasks, often for the same “actual” cost of an office employee (including hiring expenses, turnover costs, and everyday overhead for office space and supplies).

They liberate us so we can live our lives

Business owners and stay at home moms/dads are people too! We all need to get out of the office/house and its daily grind now and again to enjoy time with the family for a couple of day, or just unwind for 18 holes once in a while. With a competent VA at the ready, you can take off for some personal time while your business keeps chugging away!

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