Would Having Vast Amounts Of Money Turn You Obnoxious?

There comes a time in most people’s lives when they realise that they are never going to drive a gold plated Rolls Royce, be waited on by a butler or seriously consider the possibility of buying a small Caribbean island.

License: Creative Commons image source
License: Creative Commons image source

However, it doesn’t do any harm to dream about having a vast amount of money in the bank. This might sound like the answer to all of your problems but I wonder whether access to untold riches would turn you into a Lord Snooty and make you unhappy in the long run.

Ditch Your Friends and Go to Your Island

You might have had the same friends since you were a kid but it would be difficult to stay with them when you jet off to your Caribbean island for a luxury break while they go camping in the local woods. While you are drinking the finest champagne and eating fresh lobster they will have cold tea and limp sandwiches. This kind of thing makes it difficult to keep your friendship going for a long time. Of course, your giant bank account might help you deal with it at first but you would be sure to miss their company after a while, once you got fed up rubbing shoulders with dukes, earls and film personalities.

Give Up Work and Become Howard Hughes

Ask 100 people what they would do if they came into a lot of money and I would imagine that at least 75 of them would talk about giving up their job. This is another idea which sounds fantastic at first but loses a bit of its appeal the more you think about it. After all, what would you do all day without your work? Ok, so might get some pleasure out of the luxurious parties you throw and the top of the range sports cars you drive but wouldn’t you rather be in a lively team meeting or sharing gossip next to the coffee machine rather than run the risk of turning into a Howard Hughes style eccentric recluse? If there is one thing I could ask for it would be better wages rather than a chance to give up work completely. Until then, I am happy to keep enjoying my work and living by my healthy wage. Having said that, if I could use my immense fortune to buy an extra week’s holiday from work, I certainly would consider that.

Look Down on the Food You Grew Up with

I don’t know if you have noticed but wherever you go in the world the rich people who live there always seem to prefer exotic, imported food to the local stuff. If you have grown up on British staples like chips, sausages and hamburgers then you don’t want to give them up now, do you? Sure, I would like to give caviar, Wagyu and those weird coffee beans which pass through a monkey’s digestive system before reaching your cup a try one day. However, I also like the old classics which I grew up and which I have eaten thousands of times already. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a snob and turn up my nose at my Mum’s homemade toad in the hole once I became a multi-millionaire. All in all, it seems that getting a lot of cash out of the blue could be a dangerous thing. I don’t fancy turning into a Lord Snooty and while I like the idea of drinking that disgusting sounding coffee while sharing anecdotes with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett I just can’t see it being a lifestyle to keep me happy for the rest of my life.

About the Author: William Bancs is a blogger who often dreams of living the life of a multi-millionaire. However, he realises that until that happens, Quickquid loans and budgeting are a good way to get to the end of each month.

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