You CAN Get Cash from your Old Mobile Phone – How?

WAIT – don’t throw away your mobile phones! It’s bad for the environment – electronic components contain dangerous chemicals and they are indeed real wastes. You could opt for hiring someone to collect your electronic junk and pay them to dispose your thrash legally. But there’s a better way to dispose your unwanted mobile phones and get paid doing so. Huh?

Indeed – did you know that you can get money from your unused mobile phones? That’s right – mobile recycling companies can help you with just that: They pay you decent money for your unwanted mobile phones – the more recent the model (and the more reputable the maker is) the more money you will receive.

So how can I sell my phone?

One of the trusted mobile recycling companies is Top Dollar Mobile – so, we are going to use the company’s website to explain things out.

Selling your phone only involves 3 steps:

  1. Select the right phone model from the website.
  2. Send your mobile using free post envelope – there is detailed information on the site, so no worries – you won’t lose your phone!
  3. Get paid!

Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s all, really – straightforward, simple, no nonsense…

Obviously, you won’t make more money than your original purchase price (it’s used, for God’s sake!) However, you can receive a fair amount of money to help with your new mobile phone purchase.

What’s next?

Okay – you have already get the basics. So, your next step would be choosing the right mobile recycling company to sell your phone to.

There are several reputable mobile recycling companies, but be sure you check before you send your phone away… here are some things to consider when choosing one:

1. Is it reputable?
Reputation is everything; is the mobile recycling company receives any buzz from popular publications? I use as an example has rated #1 among others in February 2011 edition of Good Housekeeping. Pretty cool.

2. Is it offering top prices?
Of course, you want to make the most out of your used mobile phone. Be sure you focus on the one offering you the best price.

3. Is it paying you quickly?
Getting paid quickly is everyone’s priority – be sure to read reviews and check on mobile recycling companies; weigh between top price and quick payment; good price but slow payment won’t give you a peace of mind.

4. Is it free to send your used mobile phone?
Paying for postage to send your mobile phone is not cool; consider mobile recycling companies that let you send your mobile phone free of charge ( offers this perk.)

So, there you go – happy hunting and get the most out of your unused mobile phone – and be friendly to the environment along the way!

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