3 Effortless Ways to Save Money

Trying to save money is not so easy. However, there are innumerable ways to save money without turning yourself into a miser. You do not need to change your habits in total. You need to change your spending habit a little.

save money

As you will move through this article, you will explore three great tips that will ask you to make simple changes in your life to have a better financial future.

Having a Virtual Piggy Bank

It is said that, at the end of the day we do have change in our pockets, but the rest which are left behind are either tossed into our dresser or we put it in a piggy bank. Well, if you are an Uncle Scrooge then with this bit you can add up to hundreds of dollars, which you can later use for many purposes.

Hey Guys! Good News for those who are plastic addicts, Bank of America has come up with an idea of virtual piggy banks. Gosh! What are virtual piggy banks?

Say for example you buy a book for $8.75 and a purchase price of $9.00is charged to your checking account. The rest $25 cents is automatically popped into your savings account and you get a chance to create savings. For first three months Bank of America matches your virtual change deposits up to a limit of $250 per year.

Education Matching Accounts

Are you having kids at home? An easy way to ass to their education savings is through a “Upromise Account”. The membership is free here and you can squirrel away all the savings just making a regular purchase. Retailers who participate in this program agree to match up with the portion of their purchase price and contribute the rest to an education savings account.

Companies like Gap, Apple, Barneys New York, JC Penney and Office Depot have enlisted their name in it. And after you buy from them you will get a 1-25% of discount that you can use to save, invest or pay down a student loan or might receive a check.

Merchants are in favor of this program. Do you know why? Because it provides cheap advertising, breeds customer loyalty and most important to consumers since this is the free money that you were going to make the purchases anyway.

Utilize Every Bit of Money Spent On Utility Bills

Well, with utility bills you will get ample of ideas to save on expenses. Have a share of good news; it is the way that you can save a bundle on your electric without really trying for it.

If you simply replace your existing light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, you are expected to save a lot in the long run. These bulbs are able to save 75% less energy than a normal bulb.

Adding up to it, they say that they can sustain at least 5 to 10 times longer than the traditional bulb. In this case, the initial cost is a downer; they are able to charge prices almost anywhere from $2 -$8 a piece depending upon the merchant. However, if you take it as an investment, then they can save a lot of the homeowners.

Saving for the future often signifies that you are going to one from here other from there. This is really behaving like a miser. But you have better ways to save them. Above you get to know some of those deals that can a curb your spending habits and allow you to store something for a good future.

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