6 Budgeting Tips for Your Summer Vacation

Your summer vacation shouldn’t burn a hole to your wallet or drown you in debts – smart budgeting can help you get more for less. Here are some budgeting tips to help you budget for summer vacation:

1. Create a budget way ahead and start saving money

You can regularly save a certain amount of money from your income in preparation for summer vacation – this way you can manage to build up a lump sum of money for you to enjoy your summer – debt free. Remember, the more you save, the more you can spend it vacationing.

2. Find deals from the Internet

The Internet offers you a great opportunity to save lots of money for your vacation. Some offer special rates for booking over the web, while other offer discounts that only can be found online. Just google “vacation deals” or “travel deals” or “find hotel deals” and you’ll see plenty of options to choose.

3. Prepare meals yourself

Some accommodations allow you to opt out all-inclusive breakfasts and meals – use this opportunity to save big time. Some accommodations also allow you to cook your own meals – you should consider taking this route to keep your expense limited.

4. Book well in advance

Book your hotels, airline tickets, cars, etc. well in advance. They usually offer a much lower rate if you book well in advance.

5. Stay with friends or family

Instead of making hotel reservations, consider to stay with your friends or family residing on your summer vacation travel destination. Accommodations are one of the biggest chunk in your vacation budget’s expense column – eliminate most of them can free rooms for more fun.

6. Make use of freebies

Some hotels and bungalows offer free shuttle to main tourist attractions – use it as much as you can. Even if you don’t want to see the attractions, use the free shuttle to get you nearer to your destination. Also, some places of interests are simply open for public – for free – why don’t you consider visiting them?

I hope the tips can help making your summer vacation a more enjoyable experience – have fun!

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